Helping the bold change the world.
Our Team
Our team shares a common international perspective, determined execution, open-mindedness, analytical rigor and exceptional talent. We are driven to deliver impactful solutions by our relentless commitment to bringing strategy to life through fresh ideas and thoughtful analysis.
Our Business
We are dedicated to identifying and backing tech-pioneers who are talented, creative and dare to reimagine the future of Life Science and Deep Tech. We provide innovative and visionary companies with financial support and the necessary strategic innovation consulting services. We assist bold innovators, experts and entrepreneurs to create value by commercializing their ideas or expertise.
Our Focus
We are focus on helping the pioneers who are improving lives through accelerating drug development, tackling rare diseases, creating essential hardware, software and platform to power health systems, as well as the tools and technologies that will power the next industrial revolution.
Future of
Life Science

• Enabling tech and tools

• Emerging treatments

• Automation platform

• Advanced diagnostics

• Surgical robotics

Future of
Deep Tech
Part of the Pofolio

Next Generation One-Stop Smart Logistics Solution

Dedicated to a perception-driven AIOT platform for healthy homes
Creating revolutionary home cleaning robots
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